Of Truth and Trials

Many of you have probably seen the news of Trump’s antibody treatment for Covid-19 in early October. Since one of my purposes is to educate on all aspects of abortion, I felt led to share more insight on this development.

First, I will say that I’m aware of the controversial nature of this topic and I am here to offer facts, not opinions. I highly encourage you to research this further before coming to any final conclusions.

As I write this, the election still looms in the future and my normal blog post date falls after election day. I chose to keep my original post date because regardless of the outcome of the election, transparency should remain imperative and this remains relevant whether he’s president or not. In addition, I believe a treatment pales in comparison to the extremely pro-choice platform on which Biden and Harris run.

With this in mind, here are the facts:

After testing positive for Covid in early October, Trump received a cocktail of anti-coronavirus antibodies. According to the AAAS, the experimental drug was created by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and combined an antibody from “a human who had recovered from a SSRS-CoV-2 infection” and another antibody from “a mouse….that had the spike protein injected into it.” (1)

The question comes into play not with the contents of the infusion, but how it was tested. Regeneron developed the treatment “with the help of a long-lived line of cells established from the kidneys of a fetus electively aborted in the Netherlands around 1972.”(1) Since then, according to an article in MIT Technology Review, these 293T cells have been dividing in a lab and “undergone other genetic changes and additions.”

This is called the “immortalization” of cells.

The Trump administration has fought to curtail research in trials that uses aborted fetal cells, although they’ve focused on the elimination of the use of new abortion tissue, not cells from older lines.(2)

There are essentially two ways to look at this.

The first: The use of all tissue and baby parts is wrong, whether or not they have been immortalized or are actually contained in the treatment itself.

The second: The evil has already been committed and if one life lost can save many more, it can be justified.

I know it can be scary to talk about this on a public forum. But know that this is not Facebook. Or Twitter. And keep in mind this is a judgment-free zone. Below are the informational links as well as supplementary materials for the antibody treatment. Unless you have a PhD in biomed research, open the supplemental pdf at your own risk.

Regardless, I highly encourage you to research this further and share your thoughts below.

Your turn:


(2)MIT Technology Review

Supplementary Materials for SARSCoV-2 antibody cocktail

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4 thoughts on “Of Truth and Trials

  1. I haven’t looked into this enough to make an informed opinion on the matter but I applaud you for your research and your bold step to blog about this topic. I appreciate your heart for the unborn and I know God is pleased with your passion in this area. Keep writing for Him!

  2. The use of tissues from an aborted baby is wrong even if hidden behind years of research! We can try to justify the use by the future good, but two wrongs do not make murder right. God, help us!

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