Through the Eyes of a Veteran: A History of Winchester is a local history and memoir inspired by Wayne Warren.

This compilation of stories reflects his life growing up in rural Virginia. Intertwined with local historical events and landmarks, it combines short stories with numerous photographs to allow the reader a glimpse into the past. A journal kept on the U.S.S. Creon during World War 2 is included in these reflections. This challenging but simple time in history comprises a period that is quickly being forgotten, yet was so vital in shaping America as it is today.

An LCSR off Borneo with oil fires in the background.

Through the Eyes of a Veteran: A History of Winchester is available at Winchester Book Gallery in downtown Winchester and Blue Plate Books, on Valley Avenue in Winchester.

It is also available on Amazon here

The Journal is a fictional romance written under the name Audra Johnson.

Excerpt from The Journal:

 Carla decided to explore the house a little more. Maybe she could find something- anything, to spark some memories from before the accident…. her fingers touched the binding of a book. Her heart skipped a beat as she pulled it out. Carla sat down on the side of the bed. It was the journal her Mom had given her when she was 16. The last time she remembered seeing it, there were only a couple of entries. It was now worn from eight years of writing, the pictures of birds and flowers on the cover slightly faded. Carla took a deep breath and opened the journal that would change her life forever.

The Journal is available at Blue Plate Books and on Amazon here.