Seasons of Change

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. No, I haven’t decided to go off grid and build a tiny house or start a…

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To Equip and Empower

Today’s blog is the second of a two-part series highlighting organizations that are making an impact in our community. AbbaCare Pregnancy Resource Center has been…

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For the Least of These

One of the biggest claims made by advocates for choice is that pro-lifers don’t care about the mom or the baby after its born, only…

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Just Share Your Fries

The other day, our family picked up lunch on the way home. In typical Sheetz fashion, we ended up with multiple bags of made-to-order junk…

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Speaking Truth in Love

A lot of people, (writers in particular) like to pick a “word for the year.” A single word that sums up what they want to…

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The Big Picture

Don’t we often learn lessons in the most unlikely places? Like many kids, Drew loves Google Earth. After school one day, he asked to see…

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Of Truth and Trials

Many of you have probably seen the news of Trump’s antibody treatment for Covid-19 in early October. Since one of my purposes is to educate…

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George Bailey, 2020 Style

To start out, a few of the 2020 memes that have circulated this year: My husband and I were laughing about these the other day….

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A New Reality: Tips for Virtual Learning and Homeschooling

Whether by choice or necessity, now more than ever, parents have turned to virtual learning or homeschooling as a means of education for their children….

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The Light in the Storm

Every day, we’re faced with decisions. many of these decisions affect others in ways we’ll never be able to imagine. It’s the difference between encouragement…

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