Our Anchor

I’ll be honest with you. Winter isn’t an easy time for me to draw inspiration from life. The brown trees don’t exactly scream encouraging wisdom from their frozen, scraggly branches. 

During these times, many of us turn inward and our myriad of tangled thoughts become an obstacle that keeps us from focusing on the priorities God wants us to hold.

In a podcast I recently listened to, Miles Fidell pointed out “We shouldn’t settle for anything less than the life God has died for us to live.”

This becomes possible when we allow God to dig through the mess and reveal what He created us to focus on.

I don’t know about you, but I can be changing a diaper while answering a question from my son while listening to a recorded publishing class and mentally taking notes I need to jot down once my hands are no longer covered in baby powder. 

During times like these, we experience mental overload. When our minds are moving in ten different directions, let’s remember who our Anchor is. No matter how many decisions we face or how overwhelming life becomes, we can rely on Him for clarity and guidance.

 Anchor by Skillet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TzB4FaPODc

Miles Fidell is lead pastor of Auburn Community Church in Auburn, Alabama. He is featured on Whoa That’s Good podcast, Find Your Voice.

Image 1: Thomas Kinto: Unsplash/ image 2: http://boatingsafetycourseny.com/anchoring-tips/

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