The Light in the Storm

Every day, we’re faced with decisions. many of these decisions affect others in ways we’ll never be able to imagine. It’s the difference between encouragement and defeat, between the storm and the calm. Between the light and the dark.

This world could use a little light right now. But the things that weigh us down–the negativity, judgment, selfishness–only keep the light from shining through.

And when we sink to the bottom, it becomes almost impossible for our lives to impact others.

Let’s demonstrate with a little lesson from Ms.Frizzle. (Just pretend she’s traipsing into her classroom wearing one of her super ugly dresses. Today it’s covered in clouds and rain drops.) Do you know why clouds darken during a storm? I’ll admit, it was today o’ clock when I learned the reason for this. As the clouds absorb moisture, the large water drops form, allowing less light to penetrate through. This causes the gray hues, especially at the bottoms of the clouds, where the water drops are at their largest before they fall.

In contrast, the tiny water droplets and ice crystals in clouds that aren’t weighed down by as much water equally scatter all colors of light, which we perceive as white.

There are so many negative influences–discontent, anger, jealousy–that darken our perspective and keep us from demonstrating who we truly are. If we allow ourselves to enjoy the moment and focus on the good things: our family, friends and freedom– our positive traits will shine through freely, allowing us to positively influence those around us. Because isn’t that what we all want? What we all need? For those around us to lift us up and help us to do better. To be better.

It’s a well-known fact that darkness is simply the absence of light. Our love and the positivity with which we enforce that love will win in the end.

So, in a world that needs this so desperately, why not be the one to start the trend?

Storm Clouds Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash/ White Clouds: Quote: Betsy Farrell, Getty Images

Author: audrasanlyn

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