Windows and Doors

A few days ago, I sat in a meeting, quietly observing (as is my normal state) the conversation going on around me. We sat in a circle, with various notepads, pens and phones sitting on the tables in front of us.

This sounds like an ordinary event, although the discussion among this group was anything but ordinary. The primary goal of the organization having this meeting is to help foster kids and their families. The scope of this help is broad. They provide families necessary items like clothing, diapers, and hot meals, as well as transportation. Some individuals even provide childcare on occasion so the exhausted parents can have a night out.

As they were figuring out each individual’s available resources, they found that a few people in the group had vans; others had time they could invest in the families and their children. A few had organizational skills to facilitate. One attendee pointed out,

“It’s all about connections. We have what each other needs.”

It’s such a simple statement, but it resonated with me.

This past year, my research has given me a window into countless real-world scenarios filled with selfishness, lies and confusion. It was rather discouraging to see, over the course of a year, so many examples of the self-centered nature that comes so easily to humans.

Sitting in a room that was brimming with generosity and hope,

I felt as if a door was opening, shedding a new light on my perspective and paving the way for new opportunities.

All of us have God-given talents and resources, and when we work together, we have everything we need to help those who are struggling. Looking through the window at the loss will only suffocate us in our own humanity.

Not until we step outside of ourselves and through the door can we fulfill our purpose on this earth.

Author: audrasanlyn

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  1. Wow, so well said! I am reminded what a wonderful writer you are, as you are gifted with the ability to make the reader feel a part of the event you are describing. Your points are salient and relevant. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we stop looking at self and start looking at others!

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