She sat in the midst of fear and desperation, facing the biggest decision of her life. So, what would have happened if….?

All Amy Morrison wants is to get out of Sabetha. From her rural hometown in Oregon, she dreams of owning a high-end fashion company, but a painful decision hinders her ambition. Amy’s life now follows two alternative paths based on how she made her choice. She enters unique challenges and romantic relationships as her two lives unfold. Along both, Amy experiences success and failure, joy and heartache. One of the most difficult consequences of her decision reveals itself years later when she receives heart-wrenching news.

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About the Book

An excerpt from Impact:

What now? She stared at the depressing gray walls. She’d wanted to paint her bedroom lavender, her favorite color. Mom wouldn’t have it. Everything had to be her washed out gray that looked like death. Of course, Mom insisted it looked sophisticated. Amy compensated for its ugliness by papering her wall with designs by Vera Wang and Karl Lagerfield, some of her own sketches peppered among them. Several of her clothing designs now hung in her closet, an accomplishment that always made her feel warm inside. But today her mood matched Mom’s deathly gray walls.

A rock the size of Mt. Hood settled in her stomach. How could she tell Dad—and worse—Mom? Eventually, everyone would find out.

Amy peered at her Nokia sitting on the bedspread. I could call Jenna. Amy squeezed her eyes shut, and tears burned her lids. No. Not yet. She needed time to think, to sort things out.

She scanned the drawings that covered the bedroom walls, and her eyes hovered over a particularly detailed lead pencil sketch of a sweetheart blouse. Above it hung a blue ribbon, proof of her achievement at last year’s Future Designer awards in San Francisco. It seemed like forever ago. The pencil lines clouded in a labyrinth of confusion, mirroring her gray and tangled thoughts.

What am I gonna do?


Can we fully fathom how much difference one life can make? Can our decisions today have a dramatic impact years from now? These are questions we dive deep to answer in Impact, a women’s fiction novel that explores interwoven relationships, sacrifice and the healing power of truth.

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Genres: Christian, Women's Contemporary Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publication Year: 2021
List Price: 14.59
eBook Price: 9.99
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